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  • Can I talk to a current Level Member?
    Yes, our current members would love to connect with you! Join our mailing list at the bottom of the main page to find out more details about our upcoming Virtual Open Houses! Email us at and we'll make an introduction.
  • What is Level looking for in Members?
    Level is open to women* of all races who are passionate about racial equity and eager to build a powerful multiracial network and invest in Black women. Specifically we look for: Community builders Professional leadership Entrepreneurial interest A proven commitment to racial justice, an open mind and a growth mindset *Level welcomes all women: wherever they are in their chronological, intellectual, physical, and emotional journeys in identifying as a womxn.
  • Can my company partner with Level?
    Partnering with Level is a tremendous opportunity for corporations committed to racial equity. There are a number of ways to partner from sponsoring Level, purchasing corporate memberships, matching investments in black women-owned businesses, and recruiting talent through our network. Contact us at for more info.
  • What is Level's sponsorship & equity policy?
    Level is committed to building an open & equitable community with access to all who believe in our mission. Sponsor Another Member: To further our mission, we ask Level members who can to add a percentage to their membership dues to help sponsor another member. Apply for Sponsorship: If you are excited about Level’s mission, but cost is a barrier, we offer sponsorships on an opportunity-based sliding scale. Request Employer Sponsorship: Many companies are eager to sponsor Level membership as part of their PD or anti-racism work. If you’d like materials for your employer, email
  • Who can join Level?
    Women and allies of all races who care about racial equity and the racial wealth gap and are eager to take action and build relationships across racial lines. We aim to build a diverse coalition with a group makeup where the minority becomes the majority. We are now accepting applications for Spring 2024 Membership! Fill out an application form here.
  • What’s the application process for Members?
    If you are interested in joining the powerful Level community, please submit an application here. We will prioritize interviews & member invitations based on application submission date!
  • What's the Member financial & time commitment?
    Level Membership Pricing Year 1 Level Membership, includes full Women's Equity Circle experience: $2,295 Year 2 and onward Level Membership: $300 annually Note: a limited number of member sponsorships are available. Entrepreneur Investment We encourage members to invest as much as they are able directly into their circle's winning Black woman owned business after the first 10 weeks! Members invest on a sliding scale of $1000, $5000, $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000 in the form of an equity investment or low interest loan. We can only tackle the racial wealth gap with direct commitments of capital, and we hope you will invest as much as you are able directly to support a phenomenal Black woman entrepreneur. Members also provide in-kind advisory support to entrepreneurs over the course of 1-year, a wonderful way to bond with your circle after the first 10 weeks and get front row access to an incredible growing business. Time Commitment: Women's Equity Circle: If accepted into Level, all members participate in a Women's Equity Circle which meets 90 minutes weekly for 10 weeks by Zoom. We recommend members also plan to spend an additional ~30 minutes per week doing pre-learnings for each session, and an additional ~45 minutes each week for 1:1s to get to know an assigned member of their Circle. Monthly Membership: Members gain access to Level's full calendar of events & workshops on racial equity, investing & career acceleration as well as our NEW* vibrant community platform!
  • What is the racial wealth gap?
    Systemic racism and deeply ingrained laws, policies and prejudices have prohibited people of color from owning property, gaining access to jobs, receiving a quality education, etc. The historical inequality has led to a massive gap in wealth between Black and white households. White households have 10x the wealth as Black households in the US. See here for more information.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a Member?
    In addition to getting in on the ground floor of a trailblazing new startup taking real action for racial equity, Level Members: join an intimate, curated group of like-minded female-identifying leaders from a variety of professional backgrounds for our foundational, cohort-based program known as the Women’s Equity Circle—10 weeks of expert-facilitated curriculum focused on racial equity and angel investing gain access to Level's vibrant, multiracial community which we believe is the most supportive, inclusive, and engaged professional network out there have the unique opportunity to invest in Black women owned businesses, without the normal legal and financial hurdles normally required of angel investors attend and participate in any of Level's exclusive events, panels, fireside chats, and networking events
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