Frequently asked questions

Who can join Level?

Women and allies of all races who care about racial equity and the racial wealth gap and are eager to take action and build relationships across racial lines. We aim to build a diverse coalition with a group makeup where the minority becomes the majority. We are now accepting applications for Founding Membership by invite or referral only. Fill out an interest form here.

What is the racial wealth gap?

Systemic racism and deeply ingrained US laws, policies and prejudices have prohibited people of color from owning property, gaining access to jobs, receiving a quality education, etc. The historical inequality has led to a massive gap in wealth between Black and white households. White households have 10x the wealth as Black households. Click here for more information.

Who can become a Founding Member of Level?

  • Founding Membership is by invitation or referral only for a short term basis.
  • Founding Members bypass the extensive Level application process but require an Interest Form and possible interview with the founders.
  • We are currently accepting Founding Membership applications to join Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 Women’s Equity Circles.

Can my company partner with Level?

Partnering with Level is a tremendous opportunity for corporations committed to racial equity. There are a number of ways to partner from sponsoring Level, purchasing corporate memberships, matching investments in black women-owned businesses, and recruiting talent through our network. Contact us at hello@levelleaders.com for more info.

What are the benefits of becoming a Founding Member?

  • Founding Members get in on the ground floor of a trailblazing new startup taking real action for racial equity.
  • Founding Members receive a special one-time low price Level membership fee of just $50/month.
  • Founding Members immediately gain access to the unique and powerful Level network, Women's Equity Circles, and an ever-growing selection of professional connections, resources, and perks.

What’s the process for Founding Members?

  • Fill out this Level Founding Member Interest Form. We will follow up with select applicants to set up an interview.
  • If accepted into Level as a Founding Member, the first step is joining an 8-week Women’s Equity Circle. Women’s Equity Circles launch 4 times per year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

What’s the timeline for Fall 2020 Founding Membership?

  • Founding Member Interest Forms are due by Friday, September 25.
  • Applicants selected for the next round will be invited to a short interview.
  • Final invitations for Fall Founding Members will go out by Friday, October 9th.
  • Fall Women’s Equity Circles launch the week of October 19th and continue for 8 weeks through the week of December 14th.
  • Weekly Zoom sessions will be scheduled based on each group’s availability, and we will work hard to find times that best fit your schedule.
  • Winter Women’s Equity Circles will launch in January 2021.

What are we looking for in Founding Members?

  • Impressive women in NY, DC, Atlanta, Chicago & California
  • A variety of racial identities and backgrounds
  • Professional leaders in their fields across industries, access to large networks or corporate connections
  • A proven commitment to racial justice, an open mind and a growth mindset

What's the Founding Member Financial & Time Commitment?

  • Founding Members receive a special one-time low price Level membership fee of $50/month with a 1 year commitment or $559 paid up front for 1 year.
  • If accepted into Level as a Founding Member, the first step is joining an 8-week Women's Equity Circle - meeting weekly by Zoom for 90 minutes.
  • Women's Equity Circles invest in Black women entrepreneurs on a sliding scale: you must commit a total of $1000 in value to the winning entrepreneur, either by direct financial investment or in-kind advisory hours. Minimum $200 financial investment and 1 advisory project.
  • Select Member Sponsorships are available. Apply here for sponsorship.
  • If you are willing and able to increase your monthly dues to sponsor another member, please let us know your participation agreement.

Can I talk to a current member?

Yes, our pilot members would love to connect with you! Email us at hello@levelleaders.com and we'll make an introduction.

Get in Touch

To find out more, please email us at hello@levelleaders.com.