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A powerful multiracial community of women tackling the racial wealth gap by investing in Black women

We are a startup in the professional women's space with a specific focus on racial equity. Our goal is to build a racially diverse network of women, coming together for the common mission of tackling the racial wealth gap.

- Nikoa & Jenny -


Our Vision

A Network with Purpose

Most of our personal networks are very racially homogenous. On average in the US, 83% of Black people's friends are Black and 91% of white people's friends are white. Our personal networks are core to finding jobs, staying in jobs, accessing professional resources, and building empathy and understanding, but there's a chasm across racial lines and not enough opportunities to work together.

Level was born from the idea that by working together toward the common goal of investing in women and racial equity, we can both serve the cause and build authentic cross-racial relationships, leading to a unique and robust network of women.

*Level welcomes all women: wherever they are in their chronological, intellectual, physical, and emotional journeys in identifying as a womxn.*

Women's Equity Circles

Level's foundational course is the 10-week Women's Equity Circle focused on racial equity and investing. Join a diverse cohort of women to learn together and invest your money and expertise in Black women entrepreneurs.


Build a Uniquely Diverse Network


Meet Exciting 


Take Action for Racial Equity

Cultivate relationships with a talented & racially diverse group of women across industries.

Learn investing & access a pipeline of Black women boldly impacting their communities. 

Discuss racial equity & make a meaningful impact by investing in Black women entrepreneurs.

Women's Equity Circles


Looking for investors or in-kind expertise? 

Level members join Women's Equity Circles and make financial and in-kind investments in Black female-identifying entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs pursuing racial justice. If you are interested in pitching to a Women's Equity Circle, request an application at the link below.

Criteria to apply: Black woman founder, generating revenue, impressive teams in attractive markets.


Meet the Team

Meet The Team


Nikoa Milton


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Jenny Tolan


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Ixchel Frierson
community manager

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My Level Women's Equity Circle was an eye-opening time that I am extremely grateful for. It was a beam of light during a dark period in Spring 2020, and I always looked forward to the honest conversations and challenging myself. Level's impact will be felt for years to come - not many groups can say that - and the investment we made and will continue to make into Black entrepreneurs is inspiring.

Tiara Budd Ramos - Manager of Talent Programs, Lyft

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