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Members of Level at a community event

The past decade has seen a huge rise in demand for professional women’s networks, but these networks have failed to serve women of color – often at tremendous cost. 

Our networks overall are segregated: on average, 91% of white people's friends are white and 83% of Black people's friends are Black. Personal and professional networks are key to financial success, healthcare, legal support, and building empathy and understanding, but our segregation drives the racial wealth gap – and no women’s network has overcome this barrier.


At the same time, Black women start businesses at 3x the rate of other women, but have received less than 0.35% of all venture funding.

Level was born from the idea that by working together toward the common goal of investing in Black women, we can both serve the cause and build authentic cross-racial relationships, leading to a unique and robust multiracial network.

The average white American has 91 white friends. The average Black American has 83 Black friends.