Level is a diverse network of women coming together to address the racial wealth gap by investing in Black women entrepreneurs. Level members take real action for racial equity while building a strong, supportive, and inclusive community of multiracial leaders. Offering access to angel investing, a space for authentic conversations, and vibrant professional resources, Level unites powerful women from various industries and backgrounds through the common goal of uplifting businesses led by Black women.

Position Description

Level is seeking a Community Manager who can draw out the dynamism, health, ingenuity, and vibrancy of the Level network, grounded securely in the Level vision. With nearly 100 Founding Members currently in the Level network, the network is projected to grow annually by about 80 people. We have a thriving community and are at a stage where we need someone to build on our strong foundation.


The Community Manager works closely with Level Founders. Their main responsibilities include animating an online (and eventual in-person) community, including engaging with members to understand and enhance their experience, feeding the Slack community by posting articles, responding to members, and sparking conversations, generating ideas for enhanced member experience and planning annual membership activities, and coordinating virtual and in-person events for members. 


Their success is measured by their ability to build trusting relationships with Level members, catalyze members’ contributions to the Level network, and craft a space that empowers members to uplift each other, be their most authentic selves, have real conversations about racial equity, and invest in Black women. Key Performance Indicators will include (but not be limited to):


  • Events: # of events hosted, event attendance, post-event feedback

  • Engagement: Slack engagement of members, renewal rate of members, Net Promoter Score 


A Snapshot of You!

  • You are committed to racial equity and thrive building a space where women can have deep and real conversations about a range of topics - including racial equity, white supremacy, systemic racism - and support and hold each other accountable for the work.

  • You are sensitive to the different needs, desires, obstacles, and histories of women in these types of spaces, particularly Black women. You are on fire about cultivating a multiracial space that welcomes women with a multiplicity of identities to be their full selves. You are comfortable talking about your own identities, racial and other, and being in spaces where you show yourself.

  • You are energized by connecting with and learning from people - both IRL and virtually - and you're curious about the different ways people connect.

  • You are a gifted writer, with an intuitive sense of the balance between high-quality, professional communications and spontaneous real-talk. 

  • You are an implementer - when you have an idea, you run with it, and see it through with excellence. But you are also not content with the status quo - and always have ideas for new innovations.  

  • You  are comfortable working in a start-up environment where you will work with a small team in which everyone is expected to wear many hats and be flexible to shifting priorities. 

  • You are eager to learn, even if you don’t have experience with everything on the list below. You have a deep passion and commitment to Level’s work, which we believe to be groundbreaking: cultivating a vibrant, authentic, multiracial community centered on supporting Black women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Essential Functions

Member Relationship: Cultivate trust-based relationships with Level members that allows you to sense opportunities, needs, obstacles, and other potentials for enhancing the vibrancy and health of the community.

  • Conduct one-on-one and small group Level meet-ups to sense the pulse of individual members - their interests, passions, hesitancies, and what would make them thrive in the community. 

  • Identify opportunities to empower Level members to lead initiatives in online and in-person fora. 

  • Develop an engagement tracker to analyze data and measure member engagement and experience qualitatively and quantitatively.


Community Strategy: Work with the Level Founders to design an arc of the member experience. 

  • Develop a return to in-person offerings for Level, figuring out the balance of in-person and online events/member experiences.

  • Develop ideas for members to grow the dynamism of the network, including one-off events, longer-term cohort experiences, sub-groupings of the Level community, etc.   


Slack Animation: Create a dynamic virtual community that embodies the dream of Level.

  • Post articles, ideas, conversation starters, videos/looms, responses to member posts, etc. that embody the Level spirit. 

  • Listen for ideas in the Level community that might spark new Slack channels, shift in the current channels, or new rituals that might feed the network. 

  • Monitor the Slack channel to flag any issues that arise and monitor trends to keep it a safe and brave space for all Level members.

  • Empower Level members to spark new conversations, share about themselves, offer support, engage in difficult conversations, celebrate successes, or seed an idea. 


Event Coordination and Communications: Plan online and in-person events.

  • Craft communications and create ‘buzz’ about virtual and in-person events and other Level community-based news. 

  • Work with the Level operational support professional team to plan, coordinate, and implement events.

  • Prepare for events, including working with the different event leads to plan out agendas, drive communications, and any other preparatory work to make the event a success. 

  • Analyze event feedback and work to continually improve


Learning and Development: Design and implement a process for learning and innovating about the Level community experience. 

  • Devise an annual process for how to learn about the community experience. This may include crafting surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other evaluative tools to understand needs, opportunities, and barriers for community optimization. 

  • Create and deploy these learning tools.

  • Analyze and offer recommendations based on review of these learnings. 


Additional: Level Member Recruitment, Support the recruitment process for new Level members.

  • Help optimize the existing process of Level recruitment. 

  • Coordinate the arc of the process, working with the Level Operations professional team around scheduling and other administrative needs. 

  • Participate in interviews with prospective members. 

  • Craft the right composition of members for each Women’s Equity Circle.


Skills and Qualities 

  • Community Builder: Track record of building community, primarily in virtual settings. This includes experience launching community initiatives (e.g., building an online forum, designing and implementing an event series, etc.). 

  • DEI Experience: Personal and professional experience supporting conversations around race and racism in a multi-racial setting and navigating complex issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Well-versed in research around systemic racism, white supremacy, racial equity, racial healing, and cross-racial relationships. Ability to navigate these topics with people of all races with empathy and grace. 

  • Strong Communicator: Experienced writer, both in more formal communications and in more informal spaces such as Slack, and comfort with facilitating events.

  • Intuitive Moderator: A keen eye for knowing when and how to empower people to lead, when to take action yourself, when to moderate discussions, and when to step back and allow the community to advance something on its own. 

  • Relationship-Builder: Exceptional relationship-builder and communicator, with a good dose of empathy and listening skills. 

  • Thoughtfully Responsive: You respond clearly and quickly to questions, issues, or communications. You also know when not to react, when to be thoughtful about a potentially divisive or provocative issue, or one that could have more significant implications for the community. 

  • Courageous: You are both an innovator and an implementer. You are not afraid to try out new ideas.

  • Detail-Oriented: Strong project management skills and attention to detail.

  • Tool Proficiency: Proficiency in Slack, Airtable, Zoom, and Google Workplace (formerly GSuite) applications, including Gmail, Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets.

  • Bonus if you have: Start-Up Experience: Comfort in start-up spaces, including the ability to create systems, embrace ambiguity, and drive communication to make the implicit explicit.


Application Period: ASAP through June and July 2021. Please apply as soon as possible for priority consideration, though we will continue to accept applications and interview candidates on a rolling basis until we find the right person.
Salary: $60k USD
Benefits: none currently available

Location: Remote, U.S. based

Type: Contract, ~40 hours/week

Diversity Statement: We’re committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourage you to apply regardless of your background, race, sexual orientation or any other personally defining attribute. We encourage every person who is interested to apply - you never know, you might just be the perfect person even if you don’t match 100% of the job description.

Round 1 Application Deadline of July 15th.